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Username/Password Application Form to access parts & tech data

Please fill in all sections in the form below Username/Password is issued free of charge on receipt of proof of training

Online Technical Data

Example logos shown only. Currently 215 manufacturers data is held online


  • You will be asked to email proof of attending a Manufacturer Approved training course or an ASSET approved Dive Industry Technician Training Course prior to being granted access to scuba regulator servicing manuals or the scuba regulator spare parts ordering system.
  • Renewed ASSET members and Certified Dive Industry Technicians receive 1 year access to the service information database on successful completion of their training.

Note: Recreational diver training agency experience courses such as The PADI Equipment Specialty course, concentrate on teaching user level maintenance only, such as the correct washing & storage of the fully assembled scuba set and other user level maintenance issues. These and other recreational diving specialty courses teach the user how to avoid preventable deterioration of the scuba gear in between it’s scheduled maintenance actions.

Such recreational level Specialty courses, though adequate for teaching user level washing and storage skills of the fully assembled scuba gear,¬† are NOT considered approved training sufficient to establish the legal ‘competent person status’ for the servicing of a divers life support equipment, for scuba cylinder visual or hydrostatic inspection, or for compressed air system maintenance.


The servicing of any life support equipment should only be carried out when all the following conditions are met

  • The repair technician has undergone recognized training.
  • He has an up-to-date copy of the manufacturers service handbook.
  • He has manufacturer supplied spare parts to complete the repair.
  • He has available all the custom tools necessary to accomplish the task.
  • He has all the manufacturer specified solvents available for cleaning the item.
  • He has all the manufacturer specified greases ( usually Silicone or Christolube).

The following personnel may apply for passwords…

  • Professional Equipment repairers holding DITC certification or other manufacturer approved training.
  • Dive Equipment Manufactures, their distributors¬† & agents.
  • Members of ASSET The Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians
  • Members is SITA. The Scuba Industry Trade Association.
  • Members of IDEST.¬† Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing.
  • Government Maritime agencies, Military diving units, Air Sea rescue, RNLI